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Now it is a TRUELY historical election

Or, Man, and I thought his WIFE was hot!

The election of a new President of the United States is always a historical event, but this time around a precedent will be made no matter who wins. You'll either have an African-American president, or a woman for vice-president.

Look, when this whole thing started a year ago (or longer, who knows?) I was pretty sure that Obama was going to win no matter who he went up against, and nothing has really changed my opinion in that matter since. It is inevitable. The addition of Governor Palin to Senator McCain's campaign probably won't change the end result, but it will certainly make things a little more interesting.

I'm willing to bet that any debates between the two vice-presidential candidates will get some pretty high ratings. 2004 I paid more attention to the VP debates than the presidential debates because I was a bit of an Edwards supporter and I wanted to see how he'd stand up against Dick Cheney.

Cheney wiped the floor with him like he was an old mop.

Will that happen this time around? Will the more experienced candidate humiliate his opponent like Cheney did? Wait and see, but I'll probably be watching it through my fingers.
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