knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

The Force Unleashed (Demo)

I finally hooked up my PS3 to the Playstation Network last night/early this morning and downloaded the playable-demo for The Force Unleashed which comes out on September 16th. After waiting an hour and a half for it to download and install, I finally got to play as Darth Vader's secret apprentice during an early portion of the game when he is hunting down a Jedi and his insurgants on a TIE-fighter manufacturing installation above Nar Shadda. While I have some small issues with the camera (which I think can be fixed) I pretty much enjoyed everything about the portion of the game that I played. I was a little worried that the graphics weren't going to be as top-notched on the PS3 as the XBox360 after seeing some video of the demo being played on both systems, but I was quite satisfied with what I saw. This should be an exciting game.

Above are some members of the cast of The Force Unleashed at Celebration 4 last year. I don't remember the names of the actors, but I know the blonde on the left plays Juno Eclipse, the brunette in the green plays some Jedi, I think, Vader's secret apprentice is the guy in the middle of the group in the back on the right and looking to the left (I think he was in Battlestar Gallactica for awhile), and the guy on the right in the foreground is the writer of the game, Haden Blackman.
Tags: c4, star wars, video games

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