bad hair

And now for something a bit more uplifting

Admit it, ladies, you thought Daniel Radcliffe's flowing mop of hair in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was pretty sexy, didn't you? Apparently his hairdresser thought it was, because Us Weekly reports that the 16 year-old Radcliffe lost his virginity to a 23 year-old assistant hairdresser who he met on the set of GOF.

Speaking of hairdressers... how about Piper Palin? If you watched all of Sarah Palin's speech Wednesday night you know exactly what I'm talking about, but if not, here's a clip.

Now that's just plain cute.
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"God, I hated Harry's hair in Goblet. And Ron's for that matter. TOO LONG."

Thank you! I got so much crap for hating it, I'm glad someone understands me. =-)
I never saw the HP movies. And Daniel is not sexy, at all.

Awww that is so precious. LOL.