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Oscar worthy news pt. 2

I must apologize to my local movie theater because I kinda bad-mouthed them the other day when I said I had to go all the way to Yakima to see Good Night, and Good Luck which has finally arrived in ML (along with Memoirs of a Geisha no less).

On the down side of things, Syriana has been forced to share a theater with Hoodwinked (one of the movies I have been meaning to write a review on), so its only showtime is 9:15pm, and late nights at the cinema aren't exactly my cup of tea. However, I may get up enough enthusiasm to go see it tonight, just don't hold your breath.

In other marquee news, Pride and Prejudice started showing here last week, too, but I think I'll hold off seeing that until it comes out on DVD.
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Nothing against the movie, but I don't intend on seeing P&P now because of reasons that I'm not quite willing to explain here, yet. Maybe some time, but not now.

I'll keep your recommendation in mind regarding Memoirs, but I can't seem to get up much enthusiasm to go see it.
Hmmm... if you do watch Memoirs, post what you think! There are so many varied opinions of that movie...
Yes, I've seen some of those varied opinons, that's why I'm so unsure on whether it will be worth seeing or not.