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People magazine named Hugh Jackman the Sexiest Man Alive this year. Yeah, I can see it. Kudos go to his agent for the amazing job of coinciding Hugh getting this title around the same time his latest movie, Australia, comes out.

Anybody here watch iCarly on Nickelodeon? If it was a life or death situation, who would Carly save, Sam or Freddie? My guess would be Sam, because if she saved Freddie she'd be pretty much racked with guilt the rest of her life that she let her best friend die while Freddie would get the wrong impression that she does love him. It would be a really big teen-angst sort of thing, eventually turning it into a love-less marriage. Poor Freddie can't really win either way.

Speaking of Nickelodeon... I finally got around to watching the final season of Avatar while I was on hiatus from livejournal. It's been awhile since I've seen it, so I can only comment on a few impressions, like the ending where Katara and Ang kiss. I felt that the kiss was tacked on, and I would have been quite satisfied if they had ended the show just before that. I got that Katara and Ang were going to live happily ever after without the kiss. Zukko asking his father about his mother was great because we didn't get any answers, leaving room for more stories and adventures. Will this be covered by the movie? Will there be more Avatar cartoons? Are we suppose to figure this out on our own?? I'm guessing probably the latter.

And, just to really weird everyone out, I ship Ahsoex. If there can be Obidala and Sabewan, there's room for people to ship Ahsoka/Rex: the love that is destined to end in betrayal. :p

Speaking of wild romances... nothing is drawing me to Twilight. I know I'm not the target audience (far from it, actually), but it seems like a phenomenon that I look into, if just for a little peek. I've gone so far as to read the first sentence in first chapter of the book (which was a pretty good opening sentence, imo), but there's really nothing there for me. I feel so left out. I'm pretty sure part of my trepidation has to do with Emma's scathing review of the series; man, was she brutal! But I'm kinda worried that if I do see Twilight that it'll turn into an experience like when I saw that Keira Knightley movie where she wears that green dress (God, for the life of me I can't remember---) Atonement! That's it! I wasn't sure about seeing it, there was a lot of hype that it was good, and I just hated it. That said, I should probably avoid Twilight altogether. One ticket for Quantum of Solace, please.

Also in my time away, I've started watching "John and Kate Plus 8" (again, I blame Emma). It's hard to explain why I like that show, but I do. The recent episodes where they renewed their vows in Maui were great. I think one of the older girls was being a bit on a snit through most of that trip, but I'm not sure which one it was (Maddy, I think). How they can tell the sextuplets apart beyond just 3 girls and 3 boys is beyond me. Aidan (which I think is spelled wrong) is the only one with glasses, so that makes it a little easier. There's been a show or two where they've explained the kids' personalities, so if I watch it enough maybe I can figure it out. It's just a sweet show.
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