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SW: Palpy 4 Prez

Title: Palpy 4 Prez
Timeframe: Very pre-TPM
Characters: Young Palpatine, young Bibble, OCs, and a Dark Lord of the Sith
Summary: Young Palpatine campaigns to become President of his school's Student Council
A/N: A challenge thought up by laariii to do a story about "young Palpatines political manipulations."

Palpy 4 Prez

It was lunch time at Theed’s Perri-Teeka Middle School, as well as the first day of campaigning for positions in the Student Council.

“Vote for Corsey for Class Treasury! I’ve gotten A-level scores in Mathematics since Enrollment Year!”

“Vote for Thoraka for Class Secretary! I can turn out minutes in seconds!”

“Bibble for Hall Monitor! ‘Move Along, Move Along’ is my motto!”

Most of the students ignored the candidates’ stands as they rushed to get in line for their meal, but they couldn’t miss the two stands guarding the stacks of cafeteria trays.

“Spea for Class President! I’ll get you more time between classes, and more time for lunch!”

“Vote for Palpatine! I’ll not only negotiate with the school board for more time between classes and longer lunches, I’ll get you home sooner, too.”

“Palpy will get you home sooner,” the other candidate countered. “But he’ll also make you come to school earlier. Vote for Spea and sleep in longer.”

Young Palpatine frowned at his opponent. “Don’t let those A-level smarties fool you! Vote for Palpatine and I’ll make sure the Class Treasury doesn’t become corrupt and spend the Class Funds on frivolous items for their own personal use.”

“A vote for Spea will help eliminate corruption in the Hall Monitor system.”

Palpatine raised his bushy, blond eyebrows. “Are you accusing the most important members of our school’s security team of being corrupt?”

“That accusation is outrageous!” the candidate for Hall Monitor shouted from across the room.

Young Spea crossed his arms over his chest. “You were a Hall Monitor once, Palpy, you tell me?”

Palpatine’s glare nearly sparked lightning. “You don’t want to go down that path, Speaky.”

The dark-haired boy’s face softened. “I don’t want to go down that path.”

Palpatine nodded. “I think you owe Sio and me an apology.”

“I’m sorry, Palpy. Sio,” Spea said.

“Now, now, boys. No need to get so feisty so early in the campaign.”

The two children suddenly snapped to attention. “Vice-Principle Gueis,” they said.

The Muun bobbed his thin head toward the lunch line. “Arguing is not good for the digestive system; yours or the people around you. You can continue your discussion during the scheduled debates. I’m sure your classmates will be able to make a better informed decision then.”

“Yes, sir,” Spea answered before finding a place at the end of the lunch line.

“Vice-Principle Gueis?”

“Yes, young Palpatine?”

The boy swallowed nervously. “Is it okay if I ask how your wife is doing?”

Despite his soft smile, Gueis' heavy brow appeared to become heavier, as if straining against an invisible burden. “She is not adjusting to life on Naboo as well as the doctors had hoped.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Palpatine replied.

“You are a caring boy, Palpatine,” Gueis said, placing a long-fingered hand on the boy’s head and ruffling his hair. “I’ll be watching your career with great interest.”

Tags: challenge, fan fiction, star wars, writing

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