NaNoWriMo end result

5,011 words.

I guess 10% of the target goal isn't too bad for me when I didn't really try all that hard, and was kept busy with other stuff of the real life kind. Maybe November isn't a good month for me when I write. Plus I really hadn't thought out the story that well when I started or during the month. Most of the end result is sort of an outline/treatment and doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Maybe I'll do better next time.
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I didn't know you were doing NaNO.

Well, you should be proud none the less. You wrote a whole lot more than I did for my fic this month. ;)

*applauds you*
hehe you're 5000 words ahead of me.

November really is a crappy time to write. It's smack dab in the middle of holiday seasons, and for me, finals. We should form a coalition that does NaNoWriMo in June or something.