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Group Brainstorm: Shopping for my sister

Okay folks, gather round, I've got a question to ask you.

What do you give a 32-year old, woman for Christmas?

I'm search for ideas for gifts for my sister, so just shout out whatever comes to mind. Anything at all. Don't ask for conditions, just throw ideas at me and see if they stick.

Help me, Friends List, you're my only hope! :p
Ok let's see:

gift cards, jewelery, iPod accessories, new purse, winter coat/accessories (scarf etc), camera, DVD of movie/tv show, leather bound journal....

umm candles, perfume, photo album/frame, netflicks subscription.

Ok now I am out of ideas.
Yeah, gift card for Macy's sounds good to me. :) There she can get perfume, Clinique, earrings, whatever.