My poor shows.
I tend to curse every show I watch with either cancellation or ruin. My record is so good, that every fall I get lists from my friends on what shows they don't want me to watch.

MST3K is one of my faves. (I'll always have Torgo.) I want to say I miss Firefly, but I was a DVD convert, so I don't know if that counts.

My two most missed, never should have been canceled shows took place in the 1940's. I loved Homefront, which ran from '92-'94. And AMC got rid of its first series and my all time favorite show, Remember WENN, which took place at a radio station just before WWII.

Edit: I'm dumb. Just realized I should have clicked the "Answer" button. And I tell my students to read directions carefully!

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Re: My poor shows.
I won't tell you're students, because it pretty much happens to everyone every now and then. Like driving to places you're not familiar with without a map or directions. I did that today and got lost a time or two.