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12 Days of Christmas and my New Year's Resolutions

Yoinked from lazypadawan.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, knight_ander sent to me...
Twelve mythbusters drumming
Eleven paris piping
Ten movies a-traveling
Nine heroes bowling
Eight transformers a-reading
Seven dvds a-writing
Six ncis a-coupling
Five bu-u-u-ubblegum crisis
Four video games
Three indiana jones
Two seattle mariners
...and a life in a photography.
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In 2009, knight_ander resolves to...
Stop reading with handmaiden_yane.
Give some heroes to charity.
Overcome my secret fear of star wars.
Learn to play the eureka.
Become a better seattle.
Spend less time on baseball.
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Interesting results. I don't recall ever starting to read with handmaiden_yane, so why should I stop??