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Summer vacation destination??

I'm wondering where I should go on vacation next year.

If you want to generate your own bus sign, go here.
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Haha, depending on when/if you go to the Grand Canyon, let me know! I could meet you up there! :p

Also, I would always suggest England. :p

But if you want something nerdy/Star Wars/LOTR, I totally second New Zealand and Italy.
I've thought about visiting your part of the nation during baseball's Spring Training before, so a stop at the Grand Canyon doesn't sound like a bad idea.
Say, what days are your Spring Break? I don't want to show up and discover that you're in Cancun or somewhere.
Haha, actually Spring Break I am going to DC! I am such a nerd that I don't go to Mexico...I go to DC instead... :p

but if you plan on coming, let me know so we can grab lunch/dinner and hang out a bit.
DC? Again?

The Spring Training games I want to go to are all in March, so will you still be there then, or what days will you be gone?
Cool! I'll shoot for days the week after you're back. Just gotta clean up my credit card bill first.
Of course, now that I look into it more closely, the Grand Canyon isn't all that close to Phoenix.