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The Sanctity of the Express Lane

When it says "15 items or less" you should not get in line and cut me off with 20+ items in your cart, lady! I counted!

Typically it's pretty much an "Any Port in a Storm" mentality when it comes to finding a short lane at my grocery store, but it wasn't that bad.

I, for the record, had only 4 items and brought my own bag. It took my cashier longer to find the discount code for the bag than it did for her to scan my groceries.

In other news, I changed my lj-theme to something a little more seasonal. I like it. :)
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Oh, but you know how important she is and how her time is so crucial she can't spare those extra minutes waiting in line. Someone did that to me the other day and she was paying with WIC certificates. Lots of fun. Just remember, you're the better person. At least that's what I think to stop myself for launching into an angry diatribe! :)
My "Jedi Patience" was warring with my "Sith Contempt" at the time, so I was pretty lucky I didn't make a scene. :p