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(J-Pop)ping My Cherry

So I'm checking out my brother's blog, and he posts something called a World of Warcraft Machinama video which you can see here.

Now, me, I know what WoW is, I'm just not that familiar with how it all works, especially when it comes to something like this video. I'm not all sure what Machinama is, but I'm guessing it is kinda like vidding, or close to it.

Anyway, the video is pretty amazing, even has a bit of a story to it, but what got me was the fantastic song used for the soundtrack. The credits begin with the name of the song's performer and its title. I go look up "Hide & Seek" by Namie Amura on iTunes and, much to my surprise, it's there. Not only that, it is listed as J-Pop, a genre I wouldn't expect to be available at iTunes' US store. The song is very cool, imo, and even though I don't understand a vast majority of the words (there is a surprising amount of English featured in the tune), it's got a good beat and you can "bang, bang, bang your head" to it.

So that's the story behind how I added my first J-Pop tune to my iTunes library.
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