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Good news. Livejournal still intends to function for many years to come. I guess this press release helps explains some things.

I saw the replay of 24: Redemption last week and it looked really, really good, and it has gotten me excited for the new season. I'll admit, this has happened to me for the past several seasons where I've gotten excited at the beginning, but lose interest about 6-8 hours into Jack's day, so its been awhile since I've watched a whole season. The only real downer about Redemption (and it's not like the whole child-soldiers thing was the uplifting portion), was all the unclear things and secretive stuff going on in D.C. at the same time. The political intrigue is usually what kills it for me, I'm guessing. I rather spend my day with Jack, no matter how scary and dangerous it may be.

Speaking of scary, the music on many of the commercials for the new season of 24 is "Let It Rock" by Kevin Rudolf. The chorus is featured prominently in the ads, and it's really catchy, and I considered actually buying it until I heard the entire song on the radio a couple weeks back, and the rap in the middle by Lil' Wayne just pretty much kills the song's whole momentum for me. No sale.

I've complained about getting my orders screwed up at the drive-thru before, but here's a similar story with a somewhat different ending. Earlier this week I was craving a Big Mac for dinner, I went to McDonald's, ordered my Big Mac meal, but when I got home I discovered that they gave me a Double Royale with cheese Double Quarter-Pounder with cheese instead of my Big Mac. [ASIDE: Seriously, shouldn't it be called a Half-Pounder with cheese? I think Hardees/Carl's Jr. may already have to copyright to that.] Although I was disappointed, and even filled out a complaint at, the DQP w/cheese was pretty good, and I think it costs more than the Big Mac meal (which was listed on the receipt), so I probably wound up saving a few nickels in the end. Today I went to KFC, and when I ordered my meal, I thought the girl asked if I wanted mashed-potatoes and coleslaw with my meal, so I said yes, but she replied with "mashed-potatoes OR coleslaw" so I went with the 'slaw. When I got home, I discovered that not only did I have my chicken, biscuit, and coleslaw, but I had mashed-potatoes, too! Lucky me!

In a stranger observation, KFC included a packet of Honey Sauce, which I discovered, after looking at the label closely because I couldn't open the damn thing, is made of only 11% of honey. I decided to use the bottle of all-natural honey on my shelf instead.

"Dooku Captured." I liked that episode of Clone Wars which I really wished would have been longer. I was also surprised to hear the guys on's Round-Table podcast bash the episode as much as they did. I think they were looking too much into it, and whether Dooku got captured on purpose or not, and that that monkey-lizard could pick his pockets, too. I've only seen the episode once, but was that dancer at the end really a dude or just ugly? My favorite part, which probably should come as no surprise to anybody who has been paying attention, was when Ahsoka saved the boys from the poison gas and the charging gundark. Way to go Team Fail! The only thing that would have made that scene better would be if Rex was there to say something snarky, too. "The Gungan General" episode looks like it should be interesting, although I have the feeling the boys on the podcast won't exactly be thrilled with it, tho'.

I've also complained about the neighbors above me getting freaky, but right now it's the bozo below me who thinks he's a musician who can carry a tune on his keyboard or guitar who's getting under my skin. Earlier he was singing along to Green Day's "Wake me up, when September ends" and now he's listening to Donna Lewis' "I love you always forever." He doesn't do it much, but sometimes he's played the Eagles at 5 in the morning. I really should complain, but the landlord is out of town this week, and I'm much more comfortable talking to her than the assistant manager. That lady must be on her last lung. The exterior lights on the buildings on my side of the complex were out the last two nights and when I called to ask about it, I got the assistant manager and her voice was really gravelly. I've seen the woman, who looks to be well into her middle years, and she doesn't exactly look well. Anyway, the electric company apparently came by today, because most of the lights seem to be working now.

Things at work are going okay. I'm the only in-house coder now that Andrea is working from home. She was commuting 40 miles both ways everyday, so she's saving some money now. For about three weeks after she left, we had some terrible weather and snow storms, so I'm sure she's happy she didn't have to drive through those every day.

I'm doubting most of you have experienced it, but when you work in an office populated mainly by a bunch of middle-aged harpies, you overhear the occasional man-bashing comment (men are worthless, idiots, etc., etc.) once or twice a day, as if the speakers aren't even aware you're in the room. I'm usually pretty quiet, and I'm stuck in the corner, so it's no real surprise to me that they'd forget that I'm even there. But today I had a good one, a real good comebacker that I could really toss back into their faces. I was working a mother's chart who went through over 30 hours of labor before birthing a healthy baby-girl. "Just like a woman to make everyone wait," was my punch line, and I was ready to tell the story of the mom going through 30 hours of labor and end it with that, but...

Yeah, you guessed it, the main man-bashers weren't in today, so I couldn't use it to its full effect. Monday, maybe. I'll keep that in my pocket next time I hear a man-bashing comment and let them have it. MUAHAHAHA!
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