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YY#4: Boobie Steakhouse

It may be a little too in your face, so I'm going to put it behind a cut.

YY#4: Boobie Steakhouse

YY#4: Boobie Steakhouse

I'll confess to have never seen a full episode of HBO's "True Blood" but the reviews I've read haven't always been positive. And she beat out Sally Field, Kyra Sedgwick, January Jones, and Mariska Hargitay in the only television category where the network airing the ceremonies (NBC) lost in a category where it had a nominee, Hargitay.

Yep, my opinion is that the pervs of the Hollywood Foreign Press gave Paquin the award because she has freaky vampire-sex every other episode. And being the perv that I am, that's pretty much all I've seen of the show, thanks to the internet.

I watch True Blood and I'm up to Episode 9 of the series. So far, she's had sex once. There's a lot of sex on the show, but she's not the one doing it except in one case.
Actually, I think it's only twice, but in the world of those perverted geeks who don't watch the show and have seen the X-men movies way too many times, it's a lot. Frame by frame stills, watching the same 20 second clip over and over, all of which also equals a lot.


Now quiet, I'm drooling over Penny doing her dishes on "Big Bang Theory."
Well, like I said, I haven't finished Season 1 yet. What I have seen makes me think she deserved her Golden Globe though. She's a really good actress.

It would have been nice to see January Jones win though. I wanted her and Jon Hamm (who is super sexy!!!) to win because I really enjoyed Season 1 of Mad Men.