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The Lucas Family at work

Poll #1331311 Jett Lucas: Clone Killer

How many confirmed kills does Jett Lucas get in Revenge of the Sith?


I stumbled upon ROTS on TV the other day just as Bail Organa flies down to investigate what's happening, and Jett Lucas as padawan Zett Jukassa tries to make a break for it, cutting down several clones before being killed. I counted how many clones Zett strikes down and was surprised by the number.

In other Lucas family news, George's middle child, Katie, is credited as the writer for Friday's upcoming episode of Clone Wars. SCI FI Wire has an exclusive interview with her, which is very informative. In writing for the show, she says that she "mostly wanted to know and expand more on existing characters that had brief but memorable appearances in the film and have massive fan bases." Admittedly, the episode features fan-favorite Aayla Secura, but that statement gives me some small hope that Katie might have some influence and be able to sneak some handmaidens into the show. It's a long shot, but it's something to cling to.
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