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So in the end, there is a bit of a 50/50 split of opinion on the "little girl" term. To end the conversation, I'll say that I don't think it was SCI FI Wire's intent to "demean" Katie Lucas by using the phrase. "Demeaning" is, like "hate," a pretty strong word, so I'm guessing that wasn't what they meant by using the phrase in regards to what looked like a friendly interview. Maybe "unnecessary" would be a better way to put it.

Btw, here's part 2 of the interview.

At least I wasn't called a neanderthal, so that's a plus. :)

What did I think of the episode? I thought it was really good, but I think director Rob Coleman's direction skills had more of an impact than Katie's writing skills. I'll admit to knowing more about writing for television, that it is usually more of a collaborative process, than I will about directing for an animated series, so I don't know how strong of an impact a director has on a show's outcome as compared to the show's writer, but I'm guessing that it had a stronger impact on this action-packed episode than the writing did.

The action really stood out, with the atmospheric battle between starships, and kinda looked more like the Gendy Tartakovsky series than the show has ever looked before. For a show with characters that look like they were carved out of wood, Aayla's curves were nicely animated. I like the French-accent for her. It kinda makes sense for a species that has been over-sexed to be given an accent from a country that has been stereotyped as being a bit over-sexed. The fact that France's first-lady is a former super-model doesn't help in alleviating the stereotype.

Oh, and in regards to the Ahsoex connection, I was a little annoyed by Rex constantly calling Ahsoka "kid" (which wasn't much help in earning Katie points for the writing), but I'll let it slide. Worse though was the fact that Rex was almost killed by some sort of cross between a vulture and... well, I don't know what! That would have been bad.
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