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The Oscars Suck!

YY#10 Why so serious?

YY#10 Why so serious?

I knew I didn't see as many movies as I typically would have this year, but from the list of nominees for the 81st Academy Awards, I've only seen four of them: The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Kung-Fu Panda, and Wall-E. If I really wanted to, I could probably get in Benjamin Button, Defiance, and Slumdog this weekend. I could probably get in Frost/Nixon, but that has about zero appeal for me. I've been meaning to take in Bolt, but that has been out of my local theater for a week and the next nearest place is showing it for the last time as we speak.

As for the Oscars' television broadcast, I'm pretty sure that the Best Supporting Actor award gets handed out first, so I'm guessing the ratings will probably plummet after the first half hour when Heath Ledger is awarded the Oscar for his role as the Joker. That will pretty much mark the end of the night for me.

I kinda expected DK not to get nominated for Best Picture, but what makes the slight even worse is that it wasn't nominated for Best Original Screenplay. I thought Wall-E was good and it probably deserves the nomination, but Milk was based on true events, so it's half written already, and I've heard of In Burges, but I've never heard of Frozen River or Happy-Go-Lucky. DK is a brilliant, other-worldly kind of Gangster-Movie, and the Nolan brothers should have been recognized for their accomplishments. Ledger's performance is great, but it all starts with what's on the page.

DK did get nominated for Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing (the difference I would like to have explained to me one of these days), but Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard weren't nominated for their extraordinary work in the category of Best Score. Howard does get a nod for his work on Defiance, but leaving out the brilliance and sure genius of the DK score is just criminal, in my opinion.
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