SW: luke personalized

For the record...

I have a theory that the mysterious guy who did the voice of Jar-Jar Binks in the CW episode entitled "The Gungan General," BJ Hughes, was actually George Lucas.

That is all.
Well, there is very little info about the performer, and what there is on imdb.com is very vague. Plus in a recent interview with The Forcecast, Supervising Director Dave Filoni was elusive when asked directly about who BJ Hughes was, as if he had a secret that he wasn't allowed to tell. Plus he was very vague on why Ahmed Best didn't do the voice, either. There may have been a bit of a falling out there, I don't know, but that's all the evidence that has led me to the voice being George.
hmm, fishy.
Until you mentioned this I thought Ahmed was doing the voice.

I wonder why the name BJ Hughes? What does it mean?
Ahmed did do Jar-Jar's voice in the Gungan Jedi episode, so it is really a mystery as to why he wasn't available for the Gungan General episode.