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Since I made such a big deal about them... I am wear my 3-D glasses to watch last night's episode of Chuck. Pretty snazzy lookin', huh?

I thought it was a good episode. The 3-D effects were probably a D+, C- grade level If you'll pardon my choice of words, nothing really jumped out at me. The effects worked, but not to the level I had hoped for.

Hopefully the story didn't get too lost in the 3-D hype, because I thought it was written really well. I liked how Chuck was dealing with his anxiety about Sarah, and not just the sexy dream/nightmare at the beginning. Even Casey and Sarah were wondering what was Chuck problem. I like scenes between those two, which are rare. I wouldn't be surprised if there's an outtake from the scene where Sarah and Casey get into the Crown Vic at the end a Casey says, "Ah, alone at last." :p Tyler was a pretty cool character, too. I think Dom was trying to channel Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow and did a pretty good job of it.

I liked last night's Heroes episode, too. I've been pretty much off the Heroes bandwagon for a season and a half, so why there were a few things I didn't understand, it felt like it was related to the first season more than anything else since. Heck, there was even a call back to the very first episode when Peter got into Mohinder's cab, droopy hair getting into his eye and everything. It was almost as if this was how season two should have started if Peter hadn't blown up. Even Nathan doing the Evil!Senator bit seemed believable by me. I think sache8 was a little perturbed about Claire's make-up early in the episode, and I noticed that, too. As a certified Star Wars-apologist, I could probably use my abilities to say that all that make-up symbolized a mask, Claire hiding her abilities, being forced to live a normal live she doesn't want to live. She wants to be a hero, and sometimes heroes have to wear masks. And I don't have a problem with the plane crash, either. "Oh, their stealing from Lost!" No, they weren't! It was more like the bus/train crash in The Fugitive than Lost.

Well, I'll be damned! "Fugitives" is the name of this volume of Heroes!
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