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Jimmy Mac lays into Roger Ebert

Wow! I'm listening to The ForceCast Podcast and Jimmy Mac is just laying into Roger Ebert for a comment he made in his review of Fanboys that the fanboys are characters who are living "an idiotic lifestyle." The set-up for Jimmy's rant starts 58, 59 minutes and he puts up a really good argument in defense of Star Wars fans. Jimmy is a passionate fan and he defends Star Wars fandom with a Death Star-sized argument. Go here to read Roger's review, which he ends with:
"Fanboys" is an amiable but disjointed movie that identifies too closely with its heroes. Poking a little more fun at them would have been a great idea. They are tragically hurtling into a cultural dead end, mastering knowledge which has no purpose other than being mastered, and too smart to be wasting their time. When a movie's opening day finally comes, and fanboys leave their sidewalk tents for a mad dash into the theater, I wonder who retrieves their tents, sleeping bags, portable heaters and iPod speakers. Warning: Mom isn't always going to be there to clean up after you.
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Ebert is right
People don't live forever and to waste too much time on Star wars is wasting your life. I am sorry that it offends people, but it is true of a lot of things people send their time on. Baseball, Starwars, they all aren't things you will look back on your death bed and be happy you wasted years of your life on. Especially, if you are one of those people claiming George Lucas raped your childhood.