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Dear Anonymous...

Eleven days ago I put up this entry regarding theforce.net Forcecast contributor Jimmy Mac's comments regarding Roger Ebert's review of Fanboys, which has made some waves, something you can read more about here. Now, I didn't really expect anyone to comment on my little observation (which, I believe, didn't fall strongly one way or the other, although I did lean towards Jimmy's side of things), but someone did...

And didn't bother to leave their name.


Here's what Anonymous said:

People don't live forever and to waste too much time on Star wars is wasting your life. I am sorry that it offends people, but it is true of a lot of things people send their time on. Baseball, Starwars, they all aren't things you will look back on your death bed and be happy you wasted years of your life on. Especially, if you are one of those people claiming George Lucas raped your childhood.

Dear Anonymous,

First, When refering to the Star Wars franchise, the first letter in both words are capitalized; and Two: Spend is spelled with a "p" between the "s" and the "e"; Three: read and take a look at this blog carefully. Does it look like I'd claim that George Lucas raped my childhood? Have you ever listened to The Forcecast? Does it sound like Jimmy would claim that George Lucas raped his childhood?

I should thank you for the News-Flash that "People don't live forever" and that involving my time, spare or otherwise, with Star Wars is a waste. If you think up some alternative things to do with my life, please let me know. I do take offense at your comment that baseball is a waste of time, since many people find it as a healthy form of recreation that helps to reduce the stresses of their day.

I would also like to say that you, dear Anonymous, are a coward for not leaving your name or a form of identification/user-ID when you made your comment in my post. You may not be The Worst Person in the World, but you could certainly be called a Pin-Head as well as a coward.

Thank you for reading,


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I for one will not regret Star Wars on my death bed. Star Wars opened so many avenues of discovery for me. I learned to be a writer, and now I'm a published writer, and best friends with my coauthor, who is like a sister to me, not to mention a myriad of other important friendships, none of whom I never would have met without "wasteful" Star Wars.

It's true that some people waste their time. But that's all in how a person approaches their interests, not what those interests are.

Perspective, geez.

And yes, if you really want people to respect your point, a lack of typos is generally helpful. Hehe.
Sometime in the spring, they tell us. Which I take to mean before June 21. Haha.

Word around the water cooler (i.e. the forum in which we can pose questions to the other authors), we won't hear from the editor until she's finished having her initial go at the manuscript and has proposed cover art ready as well. I'm not looking to hear anything until late March/early April on that count.

It's hard... sometimes I find myself questioning whether it really even happened, but apparently this is the way things are in the industry.

Rest assured, when I have definitive news I will be shouting it from as many rooftops as are at my disposal. ;-)
Hmm Sounds like this person has no hobbies :P
Now that is something to regret on a death bed.

I wanted to see Fanboys and little did I know it was only playing in NYC till Feb. 19th and I missed it :/

Now I have to wait till DVD.