knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

CSI: Turn, Turn, Turn

I've really enjoyed this season of CSI (Las Vegas). I was a little worried about William Peterson (Grissom) leaving the series, but I've been really, really happy with Laurence Fishburne's brilliant addition to the show as Dr. Raymond Langston, who helped Gil and the gang solve a murder case earlier in the season. Ray joins the cast as a level one CSI, and has a tough time dusting for prints on his first case (which was a hysterical scene, imo).

Last night's episode was a fairly good one especially because it was Nick-centric, which are some of my favorites. It wasn't as good as the "Gum Drops" episode from a couple years ago, but I liked it. Pop-Country star Taylor Swift played a girl who's family runs a No-Tell Motel where Nick (George Eads) investigates a number of murders over the course of a year, between his birthdays to be exact, the last murder being hers. I was a little concerned that it was going to be a vehicle for Swift's acting ambitions, but she was actually pretty good and her role wasn't nearly as big as it might have been. The role probably could have been given to any 18 year-old girl and performed just as well, but I was pleasantly impressed and satisfied with Swift's performance.
Tags: csi, music, television

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