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TV Viewing Week in Review


I don't think there was anything really interesting on that I watched. I think Iron Chef's secret ingredient was some sort of fish, but I'm not sure.


Chuck was much better this week than last. Much better. Richard Picardo (I think that's his name) had a good guest-starring role. The scene where Chuck was following him and they were both limping because of their leg injuries was hysterical, imo. It takes some doing to get me to laugh out loud, but that worked. Now, who is Orion? Instinct says it's Chuck's dad, but what few spoilers I've stumbled upon say it's not.

Chuck's Conspiracy Poster has gotten quite a lot of buzz on the OS's boards. In all of the questions it raises, the biggest one I have is how does he know that Sarah's real middle name is Lisa? She didn't say it loud enough for him to hear when she did last season. One theory is that that was just a big, plain old production goof, resulting in a commentator or two saying that the series needs a Head Writer, someone who would be aware of continuity things like that. I'm not all that familiar with the responsibilities of a Head Writer, but that sounds like a good idea.

I think I just flipped around after that. I saw a little of Claire interviewing for a job at a comic book store on Heroes which was kinda amusing because two Buy More employees/extras from Chuck, Fat-Rosey-Cheek Kid and Skinny-Curly-Haired Kid, were in the store, too. I guess Santa Clara isn't all that far from Burbank.


No new NCIS and no new Dirty Jobs, so there isn't much to talk about Tuesday's viewing.


I've kinda stumbled back into watching Lost this past month or so (those re-runs with the pop-up info are a real help for those of us who don't watch it religiously), so I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a new episode. On the plus side, Life was a new episode, and that was pretty good. I really liked these last couple of episodes where Charlie was teamed with his old partner, Bobbie. They worked really well together. Gabriel Union joining the cast next week should be interesting, but I'll be happy to see Dani when she comes back from that interview with the FBI. The answer to "How do you beat a lie-detector?" is pretty good, and kinda obvious when you think of it.


Like I told emmaorgana, wet Lois getting puddle-water splashed in her face is comedy gold! Smallville was definitely a lesser show with Lois not there, and to finally see some real Lois and Clark-is-Superman-style interaction, even for one episode, was nice. But the least they could have done was kiss! I mean come on, throw us a bone, will ya?

Otherwise, the show was okay, but once again showed that Clark isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed by revealing his identity before Tori Spelling could. Thankfully there was that Legion-ring to help Clark fix things. I was initially disappointed that Clark destroyed the ring, but I can see where the temptation to use it too many times could cause problems, so I'm fine with Frodo's Clark's decision to destroy it.

CSI was good, despite the standard "hostage situation" script. I think it was a basic "let's get the team working together on one case and show them working as a team" episode. Show Catherine doing the leadership stuff, give Greg a compassionate moment, have more bodies show up (for awhile there I thought all the suspects in the crime were going to show up dead), have the new kids get into trouble, have Reilly be a tough and smart-cookie (that girl is still a bit of an enigma), and have Ray learn more about what being a CSI entails, yet also give him a chance to be all doctor-y and cool.


Clone Wars was pretty good. I have an issue with what the episode guide says about Mace and shatterpoints, because according to the book, Shatterpoint, that power involves Mace being able to see all the divergent possibilities of a situation in the future, but the episode guide says he knows how to shatter glass with just a touch. Come on, you can do better than that! Otherwise, Mace was pretty bad-ass and smart and they did a pretty good job of showing that he's the second best Jedi in the galaxy behind Yoda. Were there political undertones that could relate to our modern-day times? A little, but even though the words sound the same, the comparison is not completely fair because the situations have some obvious differences.

There doesn't look like there's anything new on the horizon for TV viewing tonight, so I'll end here. :)
I agree about this week's Chuck being better than last week's. I'm also wondering if they deliberately cast the actor who plays Cole to resemble Clive Owen or if that's just a coincidental association my brain is making because they keep showing previews for that spy movie starring Clive Owen. Anyway, after watching almost all seven seasons of Star Trek Voyager (I lost a segment of episodes in the middle of Season 2 that I could never find again), I know that Robert Picardo is one of my favorite acting talents in the business. He's amazingly versatile and his character in Stargate was tragically, tragically underwritten for a man of his range of skill. Admittedly the character was never meant to become so recurring (all the way to lead cast for one season), so ... At any rate it was a delight to see him on Chuck, short-lived as it was. Of course, one of his formal Voyager buddies is co-producing, so maybe it's not really all that surprising. Hehe.

I missed getting to watch Lost this week too. I'm still in ongoing shock of how good it's been this season. Fortunately, it was only a one-week hiatus.
Of course, one of his formal Voyager buddies is co-producing, so maybe it's not really all that surprising

Ah, yes, I forgot about that.

I still love the fact that Awesome's dad is played by Tron (Bruce Boxleitner). Too cool.
Yeah, the look on Sawyer's face at the end of the last episode seemed to disprove his theory that it takes three years to get over someone you loved.