Who will live?!? Who will die?!? has an interesting article regarding characters getting killed off at the end of this television season.

Some of note:

Number of deaths: 1
Time frame: End of season
The scoop: It'll be "shocking," declares exec producer Josh Schwartz.

My initial thought is Bryce, but Chuck and Ellie's dad would be my next guess. The assistant manager at Buy More (who's name I can't think of right now) might bite it, too.

Number of deaths: 2
Time frame: Season finale
The scoop: One of the deceased is a long-running character. The other isn't. One is a man. The other...

This is easy. Doomsday killed Superman in the comics (dying in the attempt, if I remember correctly), so I'm going to say that Clark and Davis duke it out on the season finale and both of them are "dead" by the end, leaving a big cliffhanger for next season.

Number of deaths: 2 (at least)
Time frame: End of season
The scoop: One is major, the other major-ish.

What does "death" really mean on Lost, anyways?

EDIT THE NEXT DAY: I only just noticed that I meant "Chuck and Ellie's dad," not "Chuck and Sarah's". That would be wrong. *face blush*