SW: luke personalized

What does baseball have to do with Star Wars?

Can you guess who the annoyed looking gentleman in the middle of the above picture is?

He's San Diego Padres second baseman David Eckstein, husband to Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahsoka Tano! I'm not sure if he was annoyed at me taking his picture exactly, but it certainly looks like it. Hopefully something else was attracting his attention at the time.

Getting a picture of David wasn't necessarily one of my goals for my trip to Phoenix, but it was definitely a Bonus Mission.
It's hard to see with the hat on and the sun in his eyes but he looks like a younger version of Jewel's husband, Ty Murray.
I know, I know! That would be former Anaheim Angels short stop sensation David Eckstein. He's awesome! I used to work part time in the Angels ticket office, and actually saw him win the World Series in '02.

He's a pretty stand-up guy, so I'm guessing he wasn't annoyed at you. Great shot! :)