knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

Hockey Night in Canada... in Phoenix!

handmaiden_yane and I were able to catch a hockey game together during my visit to Phoenix last week and here is the view from our seats.

We got there late, about ten minute into the first period, but there was no score, so we didn't miss anything. We weren't in our seats long before the scoring commenced in what would eventually be a 5-1 win for the Phoenix Coyotes over the Vancouver Canucks in front of a nation-wide (Canadian) audience.

It was also '80s Night at the game, so some people were dressed up in costumes and retro-styles, including the girls cleaning the ice during breaks in the action. A lot of '80s music, film-clips, and videos were played so Jen and I kinda played Name-That-Tune/Movie during the game. We even got Rick-Rolled, much to Jen's amusement.

Our seats were fantastic, and we got to see a lot of great, up-close action! Plus I was wearing shorts! For someone used to seeing hockey in a very cold-weather climate, that was very cool!

As for the game play, check out this video highlight, or low-light if you're a Canucks fan.

That play seemed to take forever to develop and I was sure they were going to take that point off the scoreboard, but they didn't.

I had a great time, and I'm pretty sure Jen did, too.
Tags: hockey, travel, youtube

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