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The Massive Icon-Meme Post!

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Users involved in this particular meme are: frostbit_sky, emmaorgana, albumsontheside, and fialleril.

Identical selections:

emmaorgana, albumsontheside, and fialleril wanted to learn about:

Wrong choice by milou_veronica

This is a quote from the BBC television series, Coupling, and although I remember the character who says it (Patrick) I can't for the life of me remember why and which episode it was in. It is my experience that the situation described in the quote happens to everyone, although I'm willing to confess to my error every now and then.

albumsontheside and frostbit_sky were interested in learning more about:

EwanTypeWriter which was found @ backseaticons

This is Ewan McGregor as prospective poet and author Christian in Moulin Rogue. I usually use it for any time I'm posting something I've written, mostly for movie reviews because he looks kinda like an old-time newspaper reporter ready to pound away at the keys of his typewriter.

albumsontheside and emmaorgana want to know why I have an icon called:

LJ Scrooge which was found @ iconzicons

From Mickey's A Christmas Carol, I keep forgetting I have this one. Scrooge looks like something has just ticked him off and he needs to vent about it on Livejournal, which is pretty much what everyone does every now and then, isn't it?

albumsontheside wanted to know more about the following:

dreamerluke by pupil_to_kramer

This was one of my first icons. It represents a time when I relate to Luke the most, dreaming of something more.

Dashing Al, which was found at what is now a deleted journal.

Here we find Aladdin checking out the prince-ly duds Genie has decked him out in. I think I use this any time I want to comment on something Disney related or make a suave remark.

London by amara_verite (a selection which she approves of)

An icon I don't use much, I visited the city once and would love to go back again so I can use it more.

emmaorgana wants to know more about the following:

Joker Personalized by fialleril

I can't remember if this (along with Batman Personalized) was done for me by request or as a birthday gift, but fialleril did an excellent job on it. Another I don't use much, but I think I'd use it when I'm in a silly, maybe psychopathic mood. :p

Audrey1 by queensjoy and found @ ogeecons

I think Tony Curtis said, "I almost drowned in the pool because of the beauty of her" about Audrey Hepburn for one of those short tributes Turner Classic Movies plays between films. I grabbed it because I thought, "Man, I'm going to use this one for something. I'm not sure what, but something." I think I've finally decided to use it when I'm talking about pretty girls. I think I last used it when I posted something about a dream I had involving Paris Hilton, so the reasoning behind the icon's usage is debatable.

Mickey Exploited found @ iconzicons

Another one taken from the movie Mickey's A Christmas Carol, Mickey is Bob Cratchet and he seems like such an upbeat fellow, even when he's being exploited at work by Mr. Scrooge, he doesn't have a problem with it and is willing to throw everything he's got into the task he's being exploited for. I should use this more for work-related posts, but my attitude regarding exploitation is a bit more cynical than Mickey's.

Young Indy Sword by rockerball225

When the Young Indiana Jones DVDs came out, I was really in the mood for some icons, and rockerball225 was very kind enough to make some for me. This particular icon is taken from a scene where Indy is playing a eunuch in a play where Picasso is the set-designer. It is World War I, and Indy and a collection of colorful characters are in Spain and Indy has been set the task of infiltrating the play to spy on someone involved, or something like that. Indy looks tough, but at one point he starts swiveling his hips in an attempt to flash Morse-code to his colleges in the audience with a shiny-medallion hanging from his waist. I'm sure I've used it at least once, but I can't for the life of me figure out why.

fialleril wants to know more about:

Handmaidens: Now What? by misscia

Just look at their expressions. If they could speak without giving up the fact that the Queen is really a decoy, they'd be saying, "Now what do we do?" Even Padmé looks unsure, so this is a great icon for any time uncertainly comes knocking.

Celibate Obi-Wan

I don't know if I talked her into it, but this is an icon fialleril did herself, and she wants to hear again my reasoning for why I've added it to my stockpile of icons. Basically it's my little stance against obsessive Ewan/Obi-Wan fan-girlism, and those who can't tell which one is the actor and which is the character. Obi-Wan may seem very knowledgeable in the ways of the world, but I'd think The Force is his one true love. The Jedi come across as being similar to monks, and damnit if Obi-Wan isn't one of the best. He's almost saintly to many fans (including author of the ROTS novelization, Matthew Stover), an Angel of The Force. So, basically, this is my view of Obi-Wan is that he has devoted his life to being a Jedi, to giving himself to The Force, and sex has nothing to do with it.

Buy Donald found @ iconzicons

I want stuff and I want it now, darnit! I really should use this one more often.

shakespeare by amara_verite

Once again, this is one I don't use much, and I really should, but I'm not sure what for.

PistolJack by arielo4ka

I got this back when I was on a POTC kick, I think it was before POTC3 came out. Jack seems so cool as he's blowing smoke from the barrel of his gun that I thought it fitting for anything cool I wanted to talk about.

frostbit_sky wants to know more about this icons:

eddie & fiona by patrizia

I was a big, big, big fan of the short-lived FOX series Keen Eddie about a New York City detective who has been sent on special-assignment to Scotland Yard. Hilarity and clever detective work with the occasional dose of British humor ensues. In this icon, we have Eddie, played by Mark Paul Valley, and his unwilling flatmate Fiona, played by Sienna Miller, pictured together. The two bickered and got along like cats and dogs (she the owner of a cat, he the owner of a dog that would chew on and shag anything), so of course they were a perfect pair to ship. I think Eddie liked Fiona, and the bickering was just a fun way to amuse himself, and Fiona seemed to be warming to Eddie just a little toward the end of the run. I haven't used this one for a long time, and I'd more than likely use it whenever Sienna comes into the conversation. Or maybe I'll use the Audrey1 icon. We'll see. :)

Han by whiterthansnow

Well, duh. While Luke maybe the Star Wars hero I related to the most, Han's the Man! So, yeah, I use it for being super cool or when I want to come across better looking than I really am.

cold, Leonardo by bluepurple3

I figured that this would be a good icon to represent my relationship with weather of the not-really-all-that-warm sort.

FFgeek by gusthemoose

I think the second Fantastic Four movie just came out when I picked this one up. I can be a bit geeky at times, so I thought this would be good to have. Plus I was developing a bit of a man-crush on Ioan Gruffudd at the time, too. Please don't mention that to Jessica Alba; it might upset her. :p

FCbrokenheart by teh_indy

I stumbled upon a ton of Fight Club quote icons and I just had to grab a bunch. I haven't had to use them much, and thankfully I haven't used this one to represent my feelings at any time on Livejournal.

Wow, that was a shit-load of mark-up codes.
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