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Multiple Movie Reviews

I've been falling way behind on my movie reviews, so here is a collection of short reviews to catch up to where my movie viewing is up to now.


Kate Beckinsale returns as the dead-sexy (pun slightly intended) Death Dealer Selene in this continuation of Underworld.

I only saw the first film in theaters, but this one does a really great job of reminding you what took place in that film without sacrificing the flow of this one. Action and effects are great, but not too overdone. Did I mention that I love Kate Beckinsale's look in this movie? Overall, B.


Julian Noble (Pierce Brosnan) is a good guy, but not a nice person. He is also a hitman on the edge of burning out when he meets traveling salesman Danny Wright (Greg Kinnear) in Mexico City, an encounter that will change their lives forever.

This movie (which I think had an NC-17 rating at one point) is a surprisingly fantastic, sometimes dark, comedy. Not to give too much away, but it could have had a dark ending (alluding to a possible "business" deal between Julian and Danny), but much to my surprise and relief, it didn't. The Matador deserves it's grade of A-.


A disappointing run-of-the-mill thriller. Break out the fedora and whip, Harrison, you're going to need it. C-.


Director Richard Donnor moves the buddy-action movie he perfected with the Lethal Weapon movies from L.A. to N.Y.C. in this story about a troubled, broke-down cop's trials in taking a witness 16 blocks to the court house when half of his own precinct is trying to stop him.

Not your run-of-the-mill action movie, Bruce Willis brings out the hero in detective Jack Mosley, despite the character's subtle conflict. Mos Def's Eddie could have been really annoying, but it turns out that the character isn't really as bad as people say he is.

This movie is about People Who Change. A-
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