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Live-Blogging Chuck vs The Colonel

I have yet to read anything you folks not in the Pacific Time Zone have said about tonight's episode, so everything is going to be new to me. Hopefully this will be fun. :)

20 seconds to go.

Medium gal does intro. "Hi" to my great-great grandmother. :)

Barstow, Ca. Sarah doesn't seem confident.

Camera in cigarette box!

Scott's chain to his desk! Chevy is a meany.

Casey gets a promotion!!

Haha! Morgan window needs a lock.

C & S check into a motel...

Fulcrum baddy outside...

S. in little underwear... nice legs.

Lights out...

Casey actually hits Chuck target!! Oh Noes!

Opening and first break.

Emmitt is cleaning out Big Mike's office.

UTI joke was disgusting!

Back at the motel... awww, such a cute couple, spooning like that.

And their going at it!!!

Not sure about the music.

Pause... continue... condom... no condom!!!

Meanwhile, back at the Buy More...

"You should be so lucky that a man of his stature would defile your mother."

Ack! Casey has Chuck!

Sarah escaped? Not really. Poor Casey.

Will he dislocate his thumb again?

Save Casey?

No, he pulls off the radiator.

Chuck to the rescue!

Go Sarah!

Uh, oh. Stand off!

"Technically I still have one foot in the car."

Ha. No smoking in the bomb-shelter.

12am Tron. I still love the fact that Awesome's dad is played by Tron.

Casey doesn't care, so we'll go to the next break with that thought.

Awesome looking for Chuck at the Buy More.

Lester and Jeff break into Casey's locker. Think he's a Chuck stalker.

Casey jails S&C at Castle.

Somebody feels betrayed. Chicken franchise joke was good.

Awesome breaks into Casey's apartment. No booby-traps?

Uh, oh, spoke too soon.

Meanwhile, back at the Buy More. Bad stuff is about to happen.

Chuck gets sappy with Sarah.

Two bed cell?

Power outage! Clever job J & L.

Emmitt panics!

Uh, oh. Casey faces off with Devon.

Devon drops Casey! Punches him, then makes him mad!

Devon is confused!

"Don't freak out!" is a great line to go to break.

NBC green ad featuring Zack and a Honda hybrid. I somehow feel slightly disappointed.

Flipped around and stopped at ESPN for a cool Star Trek ad.

Chuck spills the beans to Devon.

Can he handle it? Can he be Awesome??

Mission: handle Ellie.

Smell of pig in the Buy More breakroom.

Nice to see Anna back. Does Morgan have a dream?

Yes: Benny Hanna chef. I think Anna is going to get him the knifes.

Casey, still trying to escape. Uh, oh, the General is going to blow-up the Fulcrum hideout!

Awesome isn't handling his mission very well. Wedding day jitters?

Like the close-ups of Ellie and Awesome.

Chuck, stay in the car. Team S & C made some mistakes.

Casey's back on the team!! Chuck stays in the car.

Intersect is complete. Chevy being mean to Scott, again.

"Who knew Tron was so popular?"

Big screen intersect agent indoctrination?

No, Chevy, I don't dig it.


Twilight Tourism on KING 5 at 11.

3 minutes and counting.

Dad asks for a cigar, Sarah and Casey beat down bad guys, save Scott.

Chuck didn't stay in the car!

Everyone gets captured. Everyone close your eyes!

Chuck, open them!

Was he wiped?? What happened?

Here comes the air-strike!

Slow-motion blow-up and escape = cool!

Is Chuck okay? did it work?

It did!! Yay!?!?!


I think Southland might make it, but I want it canceled because of all the promos.

Casey says nice things about Sarah to the general.

Sarah seems modest, but Chuck tries to say nice things, too.

Mission: Over.

The general isn't as sentimental as Chuck.

Emmitt still wants Jeff & Lester fired.

Is Morgan going to tell him off?

Morgan finally falls on his sword! Yay!

Takes off his shirt and asks Anna to go to Hawaii with him! How cute!!

Chuck returns to work. Seems very confused.

Good-bye Morgan.

Ellie looks great in black. Devon looks pretty snazzy, too.

and Chuck comes through the door with Ellie's wedding present: Dad!


Chuck & Casey, friends? Looks like it.

Sarah in blue looks verrrry nice. Amazing is true, Chuck.

Finally, something "real."

Uh, oh, Chevy survived and is looking to spoil the wedding.

Preview! Ellie looks nice! Bryce! Shoot out! Jeffster sings! Big fight! Who will live? Who will die? Tune in next week, and make sure you get dinner at Subway, too.
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