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Live-Blogging: Chuck vs The Ring

I had so much fun doing this last week, that I think I'll do it again.

Opening song okay.

Here come our boys. Everybody's looking. They may be in trouble.

Emmett what?

Chuck quit!!? YAY!!

"Ditto." Yeah, Casey.

What will he do for the rest of his life??

Ship out to where, Casey??

Chuck get paid!!

Awkward hug. Shippers will love that. Casey gave him his number.

Bryce is back! And going with Sarah.

Together again. Sarah doesn't look exactly thrilled.

First break.

Uh, oh. Big Bang Theory finale is on, too. I think it's the finale.

Penny/Sheldon scenes are always good.

Back to Chuck....


Morgan!! Fairchild, that is.

Where's Bruce?

Where's Yvonne?

Wow! hubba-hubba.

Oh, no. Sarah emoting without saying a word... Chuck monologuing.

No vacation for Chuck and Sarah. :(

Chuck working on his champagne buzz early. That can't be good.

Uh, oh. Dead guys and Chevy looking for the Intersect.

Looks like we've got a 24 situation where Chuck needs to get the Intersect to Chevy before the end of the show. Yikes!


I thought Burger King removed this big-butts Spongebob Meal ad??

Ad for Caprica DVD. I hear there's a lot of nudity in it.

Weird Pepsi-throwback ad. I haven't had one in 7 months, and that doesn't exactly get me salivating for one.

Oops, a little late to Chuck. Casey is ready to do some hunting.

Bruce defending the door against Morgan.

Morgan has to stall the wedding, good idea.

Bryce knew about Chuck's dad.

I'm not 100% behind Bryce's haircut.

Bad guys in the reception hall.

Morgan working on stalling... here comes Jeffster!

Weirdness about to commence.

I'm not with the "Mr. Roboto" sing---

Did Sarah just tear her---

Sam Kinisen and an Indian lesbian??

Chuck laying down the law.

Sarah finds the steak knifes!

Orchestration of "Mr. Roboto." Cool.

Awesomes drinking. Ellie meditating. Nice legs.

Shadows! Casey and crew crash the wedding!!

If that's Lester's voice, he's sounding pretty good.

"You rang." funny.

Fire alarm. Oh, that's not good.


Sheldon and Penny in the same bed... and he kicks her out.

Cool Wolverine ad. Yeah, kind of a repetitive statement, I know.

Sheldon knows about friends with benefits. Leonard is confused.

Back to Chuck...

Chuck is sad and just wants to be normal.

I think he's going to cash that check. How much was that??

Sarah, the wedding planner.

Casey is recruited to do what???

Ellie and her bathtub booze. Is that their real bathroom?

Chuck's explanation isn't going over well with Ellie.

"Sound it out" "That clashes" "National security matter"

Awww, a wedding at the beach. Pretty.

Devon Christian Woodcomb. Good middle-name for Awesome.

I like Anna in a tamer outfit.

Is Sarah staying?? Yes!! Very wise of you to see that, Bryce.

Is Chevy going to get out??

OH! The guard killed him! Guard must be FULCRUM.

What about Casey and his crew?? Are they about to get it from the traitor???

Break, again.

Shucks, I missed Shawn Johnson's routine on DWTS.

Back to Chuck...

Roarke wants to talk to Casey?

Bad guard's silencer is kinda loud.

Why didn't he kill Casey?

Who's he with?

Back at the courtyard...

Chuck/Morgan moment... paralleling what Chuck is going through.

"Go with your heart, our brains only screw things up."

Good song.

Bryce is still there!

Orion is flashing???!?!!? Is Bryce in trouble???

What does Sarah want??

Well of course you love her, Chuck. Everyone knows that.

The Gauntlet of Orion! +5 Attack Points.

Final Break?

HIMYM: Gay argument is funny. Marshall or Barney? Amusing since one is gay for reals.

Back to Chuck...

Big shoot out!

Team Bartowski to the rescue!

Chuck and Bryce in the Intersect room.

I have a feeling that Chuck is going to download the Intersect into himself.

Or destroy it. FULCRUM is a part of the ring? or The Ring??

Bryce is dead. Good scene.

Is Chuck a hero?? Here it comes....

Here we go again....

Destroy it Chuck!!

Uh oh. Bad guy broke in.

Whew, Casey and Sarah still alive.


"Oh Chuck Me!"

What the HELL!!!

Chuck "Bruce Lee" Bartowski!!!

Even Casey's stunned!

I know Kung-Fu!

Nice Matrix reference.

"To be continued...."

Does that mean that Chuck will be coming back??
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