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"Jon & Kate + 8" news: good and bad

What can be considered the good news is that they're coming back for a fifth season on May 25th.

The bad news is that Jon doesn't always hang out with Kate and the kids as much as you'd think, as this article reveals. Seriously, Jon, partying with female "friends" at a club at two in the morning isn't exactly a great example for your kids, or your viewers for that matter. At least he knows he goofed and is sorry for it.

Personally, I don't think it was a good idea for them to come back for a fifth season because they're becoming to bigger celebrities than what they probably should be. Last season's season finally clearly showed that Jon wasn't thrilled by the idea and wanted out of the public eye, but Kate sure was lovin' the spotlight and wanted to come back for more.

And "it's common to find upwards of 200 cars parked on the country road outside of their home on any given day"?? Is that safe?? They've gotta some how get off TV for a few years, just for their own personal security. People will hopefully lose interest after awhile and not become so intrusive. Money is probably the biggest issue for the Gosselin family, but they've really got to take an extensive break from TLC, maybe come back in 5 years with a special or something.
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I agree. Have some private family time and make money a real way.

Does Jon even work anymore?
I don't think so if he is out partying at 2 am
I'd never put my family on t.v. like that. And no grown married man with children, much less eight of them, has any business clubbing with "female friends." If I were his wife, Season Five would have to be retitled "Widow Kate Doing Eight...To Life."
I have seen a few episodes of this show (don't know what season) and have tonight to myself - hmmmm... I wonder if their marriage will last.
Having eight kids all young is hard enough without the media attention.
The way Kate talks to/about her husband sometimes -undermining him and putting him down in front of the audience.That makes me go " Och oh" not a good sign.
yeah I've only seen a couple episodes as well- and I definitely have to agree about Kate's disturbing treatment of Jon... Very demeaning. Not to mention it was extremely cringe worthy for me and made me change the channel...

Obviously if Jon is cheating (emotionally and/or physically) than that's inexcusable. I have no tolerance for cheaters. ugh. The thought of it really upsets me.

the last thing I'd do is make another season. I think having camera crews around makes any kind of tension/issue magnify and explode by tenfold.

and I really worry for their kids. :-/