knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

Trailer Music

I finally looked-up who does the music for the new Star Trek trailer, and it is a... company, I guess, called Two Steps From Hell. I don't call them a "group" because they say that there music "is not sold commercially and is available for licensing only." That sucks because they've got some pretty cool sounding stuff, just go to their website and listen. You've gotta wonder which company makes more money: them, or Corner Stone Cues, whose stuff is available commercially.

I did find the music for the Terminator: Salvation trailer, which is part of a Nine Inch Nails track called "The Day the World Went Away" and that sounds pretty nice.

EDIT: I've done some research and discovered this blog where TSFH will be keeping fans up to date with info on their first commercially available collection! Sweetness. Interesting note, Paramount studios liked the music so much that they've bought exclusive rights to it.

Tags: movies, music, star trek, youtube

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