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A response from Subway regarding Chuck... kinda?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a comment at Subway's website saying that I bought a foot-long to support the campaign to save NBC's Chuck from cancellation. Tonight I got a response from (I think) the general manager of the particular Subway I went to.

i just wanted to say thank you for your visit at our subway location and just wanted to say that i'm sorry to here about the show .thank you again general manager chris

Uh, wait, what? Please tell me he doesn't know something that I don't know, that he's totally clueless and that he's not implying that Chuck has been canceled.

There's uncertainty on whether Chuck's fate will be announced Monday or a week after, but I sure hope general manager chris is not telling me that the "Finale and a Footlong" campaign was all for naught.
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I've been checking zachary-levi.net religiously for the past few days for tidbits and they've got rumors dropping in on both sides of the fence from myriad sources. I just don't think we're going to know definitively before the official deadline (which... we don't even know that! It's so nerve-wracking!)

I have to say, though, that the camaraderie at least feels, well, awesome. :-)

I'm hoping that if it doesn't get picked up by NBC that maybe the CW might pick it up since Warner Brothers also wants to get it renewed.

But all the fan activities trying to get it renewed have been interesting and fun, so hopefully that will work, especially with the cast being excited by it because I'm sure there were probably a few shows that were renewed by fan support efforts that probably didn't make certain cast members happy.