Megan Fox looks mean! Like she's cold-hearded, backstabbing, shallow b****. She's also exceedingly skinny and needs some more meat on those ribs of hers...
I think you've seen Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen one too many times. :p

The video at esquire.com shows her eating a hamburger with a Miller Lite if that means anything to you. Being 5'6" and 114 pounds is a little light, but her Body Mass Index is still better than Jessica Biel's, Gabrielle Union's, and Kate Beckinsale's to name a few.

Source for the numbers. It seems like a credible source, but the numbers are a little debatable, I'll admit.

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gahh I can't even believe they have numbers like that organized on a website.... disgusting.

and that video doesn't prove anything. she's "eating a hamburger" and "drinking a beer" because the people who MADE the video KNEW that guys like YOU would get all excited over it... but it's a fantasy video- it's not real.

Sure, she's attractive aesthetically but I haven't seen anything beautiful about who she is. I just feel like she constantly sexually objectifies herself. which is so so repulsive to me.... because none of it is real!!!! it upsets me that she feels the need to do that, or that she accepts that as how she is treated. That constantly making a "sexy face" is the way she wants to present herself. There's nothing wrong with sex or feeling sexy, but my god... don't smack us all over the head with this artificial version of it.

and she looked much better BEFORE having plastic surgery.


I could give this speech to so many women...