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V for Vendetta


Just saw it half an hour ago.

Natalie Portman's performance is excellent; it's not her hair that I had a problem with, I'm just not use to seeing her onscreen and not in large, elaborate gowns. There is, however, a school-girl outfit she wore that got the audience really buzzing!

Hugo Weaving's performance is twice as amazing for the way he acts and emotes all behind a somewhat cheerie mustachio-mask and wide-brim black hat. Weaving's Smith was my favorite character from the Matrix movies, and he does the character of V justice, some irony intended.

Grade: A-.
Ooh, you should watch The Professional. She's totally not big and poofy there.
She's also ten years younger, too.

I have to admit that the moment she appears in the school-girl costume, I was immediately reminded of her Marilyn Monroe imitation in The Professional. Let's just say it was quite a surprise.
Hey, was wondering how that WQGL post is coming along?