My Prius

Random travelness

While standing in line for mini-donuts at Pike Place Market yesterday, the people behind me discussed the definitions of ultimate and penultimate and I think they got it right.

I think I'm going to buy a $90 denim-jacket at the Levi's store when it opens in about an hour. I haven't been able to find a replacement for the worn and tattered one I have. I can afford it fairly easily, but maybe I can haggle the price down a few dollars. Maybe.

I got a seat in the upper deck for last night's ball game. I asked for something in the shade, but I spent the first hour or so staring into the sun. It was a good game for the first 7 innings until the Giants busted the game open with 5 runs in the 8th off of reliever Mark Lowe, eventually winning 5-1. That sucked.

I have much better seats for today's game, but I'll probably be in the sun the whole time. Although it does look a little cloudy out there right now.

Okay, off into the city for a little shopping before taking the half hour walk to the stadium.