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A Free-Web party takes a seat in the EU

Is this a good thing? I'm almost all for getting free stuff on the internet, but these people want to eliminate copyrights and patent-rights, meaning that anybody can profit from something you created without your permission or rewarding you residuals. I knew that the slippery path toward Anarchy would start on the internet, I just didn't think it would start in such a democratic fashion.
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They're probably Swedes. Sweden is at the forefront of stealing intellectual property on the internet. What else would you expect from a country where everybody's used to getting everything for free?

(Did I say that?)
Well it says they're not related to the Pirate Bay website, so they may not be all that radical. I'm guessing they're pushing more towards the government not tracking people for it, and not taxing people for using bandwidth. I don't know. Without the internet, I just might die. :) (and I don't mean illegal media, but Wikipedia, Expedia, Gmail, Google, Outlook calendar syncing, ssh, remote desktop, etc.)