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Sarah Alexander on US television

This woman, boys and girls, is the best part of NBC's latest attempt at situation comedy, Teachers, Tuesday nights after Scrubs. Okay, they've only aired one episode so far (one rather lame episode, if you ask me), but Sarah Alexander's Alice is already my favorite character.

Okay, I'll admit, there is some bias on my part. If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm a HUGE fan of the now defunct BBC comedy Coupling in which Sarah was one of the stars. Heck, I pop in the DVD every once in awhile when there's nothing much worth watching on TV, and it always brightens my day. Any of you Pirates of the Caribbean fans? Jack Davenport (best know to you as Commodore Norrington) is also one of the big stars of Coupling! Co-star Ben Miles was also in V for Vendetta. Heck, even my current icon is from Coupling! If you can tell me who Junior Patrick is, let me know. ;)

Anyway, I'm not sure Teachers is going to last (NBC has called it a hit, but they said the same thing about the US version of Coupling), so get a look at Sarah while you can. Better yet, get your hands on a copy of a Coupling DVD (available in Region 1) and enjoy.

Warning: Coupling is a bit racy, so you might not want to watch it with your parents in the room.
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