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Indy Five Rumors

I'm kinda intrigued that there are strong rumors that a fifth Indiana Jones film is almost in the works. Let's hope it doesn't take them another 20 years to come up with a script that will satisfy the participants.

A script that will satisfy all the fans isn't likely to happen.
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Hey. Got here via some other Star Wars fans' journals. Saw this topic, and decided to comment. ;)

I say they can't go wrong with Atlantis. It occurs to me we haven't seen a live action movie about Atlantis in, well...ever. :( It's an interesting topic to cover, and Indiana Jones has already covered it once in a game, so they can cover it again. I would love to see them cover the mother of all myths, because they've already done everything else. Indy's even found Noah's Ark, either in a novel or a Young Indiana Jones episode. The Fountain of Youth was the other idea that was floating around a few years ago, before 'Kingdom' was created, but I don't think that's enough to sustain a whole movie. With Henry Jones Sr. gone, the whole idea of searching for youth loses its appeal (I think that was the basis of that idea, those years ago), and I don't think Indy's the type of person to go chasing after such a foolhardy quest, since he's accepted his new status in life. It also wouldn't leave much room for exotic locations, since the Fountain of Youth was supposed to be in Florida. Unless the Florida legend was a cypher or there was a vortex to some other location in the world where the Fountain really was, I don't think they can pull it off well enough. I suppose they could do something with Indy looking back and having regrets on his life, especially since he waited so long to hook up with Marion (again), but I think Atlantis is a better idea.

It was done in "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis", but a point-and-click adventure is hardly the same as a movie. The guys behind Lara Croft did a fascinating thing with Atlantis in Tomb Raider, so I would love to see Spielberg and Lucas take on it in a movie. Let's face it, the closest we have to an ongoing story about Atlantis in popular culture are Aquaman and Namor from DC and Marvel Comics. :(