February 25th, 2006

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I <3 Hockey

Watching the Czech Republic beat Russia in the bronze medal game on NBC has made me a little home sick.

My home state of Minnesota is the state of hockey, and there is none of that... atmosphere here in the middle of the state of Washington.

Back to the Olympic coverage....

The skating and play in the few games I've seen (including the women's games) has been some of the best I've seen in, well, since the last Olympics four years ago. NBC just started their coverage of the NHL last month, and the performances in the Olympics are far better than what I saw in the Penguins/Rangers game just a few weeks ago. Believe it or not, I went to the same high school as former Oiler, Flyer, Avalanche, and Blue, Shjon Podein and graduated with his brother (Ryan) and former Shark, Star, King, and Blackhawk, Doug Zmolek. We came in a disappointing second in the state tournament in '89. Doug nearly had the game winning goal in overtime.

Alas, pitchers and catchers have reported to Spring Training, so hockey doesn't really mean that much to me anymore. ;)
SW: luke personalized


There's trouble in the 'hood!

(Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

Hoodwinked starts at the end of little Red Riding Hood's journey to Granny's and the domestic disturbance that followed. Fortunately for all involved, the police arrive before anyone is harmed. The usual suspects are rounded-up, and the truth of what happened is slowly unveiled.

Goody recipes are being stole from goody-shops through out the forest, putting one shop after another out of business. Only Granny's Shop remains, and a concerned Red is taking action to prevent anything from happening to Granny's legendary goodies. But Red isn't the only person worried about the Goody Bandit; a certain Wolf is investigating the matter as well. Meanwhile, Granny isn't exactly sitting at home doing her knitting, and a strapping young actor has just landed a job of a lifetime, if only he can find the lumberjack inside himself.

Hoodwinked is cute, but not quite as good as it could be. Shrek may be the first movie most people would compare Hoodwinked with, but Shrek it is not. I have to give it credit for the effort, though. It takes elements from such a large variety of films such as The Thin Man, The Usual Suspects, Fletch, and even XXX! There are even a few cute songs to go along with the occassionally witty script for an interesting variety of voice-talent from Anne Hathaway to Glenn Close to Jim Belushi to Xzibit to a perennial David Ogden-Stiers.

Unfortunately, all of the above Pluses are equal Minuses to the quality of the film. As the box office has shown, the independently produced Hoodwinked is a good movie, but not that great. I liked it, but I'm giving it a grade of C+.