March 31st, 2007

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Sounds of Silence

It just may be possible that by the end of April all 3 apartments in the southwest corner of my apartment building will be empty.

This is not a problem for me; I live in an apartment in the northwest corner of my apartment building.

Apparently the couple in the lower-level apartment moved out because of the noise from the apartment above them; he is being evicted because of this and the history of complaints against him. The guy lives just across from me, and although his loud music and television and partying haven't bothered me much, I can understand the complaints. Above him were a pair of girls who are also getting kicked out because of noise complaints; they moved out today.

With all this noise related stuff going on, I should have complained to the manager (who informed me of the situation when I ran into her earlier this morning) about the lady in the apartment below me. She's hard of hearing, and her clock-alarm goes off constantly in the mornings. This is especially annoying Saturday mornings when I'm at home and have a chance to hear it. And it's not the radio blaring, it's that damn alarm sound that goes on and on! She eventually silenced it, but for pity's sake, turn it off instead of just hitting the snooze button.
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