May 5th, 2007

SW: luke personalized

C3 Leias


Well, there may not have been as many Leias as I said in my last post (Freud would have a field day with that!) but it was quite a sight!

EDIT: Oh, and my CIV badge came today! Woo-hoo!
SW: luke personalized

We can't all be the Sopranos

LiveJournal Username
Grumpy consigliere who runs the strip clublaariii
Annoying Capo who makes too much money corrielle
Also annoying capo who stole your goomahhandmaiden_yane
Rival godfather who runs the gang in the next towncorrielle
FBI Agent who keeps coming by your deli hangoutcorrielle
Police chief who's on your payrollemmaorgana
A top earner, only is ratting you out the feds!tdhartist
Chane you'll get whacked...
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SW: luke personalized

Sexy meme (For consenting adults only)

LiveJournal Username
Favorite ice cream
Favorite season
Thinks you're ass is tight:handmaidenande
Wants to lick hot chocolate off you're body:leia_naberrie
Wonders how good you are in bed:handmaidenande
Wishes you would screw him/her on the spot:jedishampoo
Is romatically in love with you:leia_naberrie
Wishes you were gay so he/she could love you better:corrielle
Hopes you'll take him/her to great heights (wink wink nudge nudge):handmaidenande
Day dreams about having sex with you 24/7:emmaorgana
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I'm feeling really good about myself right now. :p
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