January 7th, 2008

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Poll Follow-Ups

I finally broke the tie in the "Oh Deer" poll and picked the gay icon, Rudolph.

The story behind the "Fries with that?" poll isn't as tramatic as it may sound. I was at a Taco Bell drive-thru and said "I'll have a soft taco, a side of nachos, and a regular Pepsi."

The response was: "What size do you want: small, medium or large?"

Rolling my eyes and with half a grin, I clearly answered, "medium" thinking that I may have mumbled when I said "regular."

Much to my surprise, the response to my "Medium" was "Small, medium, or large?"

Slightly miffed, I said "medium" again before finally being answered with the mumbled total of my purchase and "please pull around to the window."

In hindsight, the Taco Bell employee may have thought I was ordering a "regular Pepsi" just to make sure I didn't get a "diet Pepsi." That makes a lot of sense. However repeating "Small, Medium, or Large," is just a lack of awareness on the employee's part. This is backed up by the evidence I saw when I pulled up to the window and was able to count at least SEVEN Taco Bell employees within a ten foot radius! Really, were that many people needed at the window? The Taco Bell drive-thru is pretty fast, typically, but I don't think it is because there are seven people standing at the window with my order! The manager was obviously not in control at that point.
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