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Traveling, traveling...

When emmaorgana went off on her little tirade about people who complain about all the additional charges for baggage and stuff like that when flying, she went ahead and blamed the "cheap ticket" websites, which I guess meant Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, Priceline, and the like. I thought, "Well, sure, they're able to get you the better deal and such." But I decided to do some research and was a little surprised by what I found.

United flies out of Moses Lake, so I went through them and a number of the "cheap ticket" websites to see how much it would cost for me to fly home to Minnesota for Thanksgiving. It turns out that United was the cheapest option! Now, they were only cheaper by a few bucks, but I think that from now on, when I'm only booking flights out of Moses Lake, I'll go through United, which is the same sort of thing I did when I flew out of Spokane, where I used Northwest's website. I'm going to get charged for my bag no matter what site I use, anyway, so it doesn't really matter which site I go to. Plus, parking is free in Moses Lake, so I won't be charged the 80 or 90 or more bucks for parking at the airport for so long. Sweet!

If you need a hotel and/or car, I would try to package it by using the "cheap ticket" sites, which would probably be more convenient than getting billed separately for flight, hotel, & car.
Tags: family, thanksgiving, travel

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