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MJ's death and press coverage

I was listening to Tuesday's Dan Patrick Show today (thank you, iTunes) and they brought up an interesting question regarding the coverage of Michael Jackson's death, and that was "Who else would get this much coverage if they died?"

The Dalai Lama? Michael Jordan? President Obama? Queen Elizabeth? The Pope? Mohammad Ali? Mick Jagger? Madonna? Osama Bin Laden? Bruce Springsteen? (They didn't think Springsteen's death would be as big, but it would definitely be cause to close schools for the day in New Jersey.)

Those were some of the names they brought up, but who do you think could match, or come close to matching, this much coverage?

BTW, while checking out iTunes' front page the past couple of days, I noticed that their top ten music videos are all MJ's with the surprising exception of Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me." I've seen the video, it's cute, nice little narrative, but it's nothing mind-blowing, but for it to overcome something like MJ's death to sell so we
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