Word Meme from helplessdancer

Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you. (Please note: If you simply wish to comment on something I've said but don't want to participate in the meme, that is fine. I will only give you five words if you specifically comment you with 'Words!')

Bria gave me "movie reviews, handmaidens, Ewan McGregor, Washington, and Disney."

Movie Reviews

I basically started posting reviews on my lj because I was going to them a lot and when I told my folks about them they suggested I took up a job of writing reviews. Well, I never got up the courage to submit a review to the local paper to see if they'd hire me (it would probably be cheaper/more profitable for them to use Roger Ebert's reviews out of syndication), so I decided to get them out in public at least one way. I haven't really put an effort into them in recent years, but I still throw them out there when I can.


Handmaidens, to me, mean something different. The vast majority of Star Wars fans are either into the niche of bounty hunters, Imperials, Sith, Jedi, droids, or nameless ewoks to name a few, but I wanted to find an interest in something different, and that's when I stumbled up a small piece of fan fiction in 2002 at theforce.net written by a 14 year-old girl who we all know as handmaiden_yane and I was pretty much hooked.

Ewan McGregor

I had heard of Ewan before his casting in The Phantom Menace, but I wasn't familiar with his work or anything about his personal life outside of the Bio starwars.com posted for him when they announced his casting. I wound up living vicariously through him mainly because he was only a few months older than me and was pretty much representing my generation becoming a part of my generation's favorite movie-mythos. Granted, we don't have much more in common than that, but I don't regret becoming a fan of a pretty talented performer.


This is the state where I currently work and live. Pretty much my "land of opportunity" because I was unemployed, desperate for a job, and this is where I found one. Gosh, tomorrow is the 4-year anniversary of when I first moved here. My, does time fly.


Disney means good times and fun. Whether it's theme-parks, television (live-action or animated), or movies (live-action or animated) someone is going to have some fun, usually high-quality. Not always, but usually.

EDIT: While I was praising the theme-parks, apparently there was a monorail accident last night and one of the drivers died. My condolences to everyone involved.