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Multiple Movie Reviews

It's not that I haven't been seeing any movies, I just haven't taken the time to blog about them.

I'll try to get that new movie everyone is talking about in this weekend, I just can't promise when I'll have a review of it.


A widower and former balloon vendor, Carl (voiced by Ed Asner), decides to take his house for a trip to South America to retire in the place where he and his wife always wanted to travel to, but never got the chance to see. Carl is accidentally joined on his adventure by Junior Wilderness Explorer, Russell (voiced by Jordan Nagai), eager to earn his Helping the Elderly badge, makes it his mission to help Carl and his house reach their destination, which isn't nearly as easy as it sounds. While Carl's quest is to honor the memory of his wife, Russell is a child of divorce, a subject rarely mentioned in Disney movies, and his quest is to earn the love of his absentee father, who promises to be there to help present Russell with his badge when he earns it.

If you don't cry or at least tear-up in the first ten minutes of this movie, then you have no heart. It is a touching, fun, and wonderful film. The story, like all Pixar films, is excellent, and the visuals, like all Pixar films, is top-notch, especially in 3-D. If it's still in a theater near you, go see it if you haven't already. Up earns an A.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

It seems the Decepticons are not done with Earth. As the Autobots and their human allies, lead by Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson, hunt down the remaining Decepticons, it slowly becomes clear that their hunting something, a weapon that will destroy the sun. It's up to Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeouf) to find the key that could save the world.

Michael Bay is the best at what he does: making beautiful people look even more beautiful, and making stuff blow up real good. Michael Bay is at his best directing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. There are more transformers, more explosions, and even a few new beautiful people (ie. Isabel Lucas as Alice) to make the audience go "Wow!" While there are improvements from the mistakes made in the first film (more slow-motion shots of the robot-battles were a definite plus in my book) some new mistakes were made, mainly the excessive amount of juvenile humor, that even includes a toy monster-truck-size robot humping Megan Fox's leg. There are also two autobots name Mudflap and Skids who I would term as "ghetto 'bots" who's personalities seem to be carved from black stereotypes. This was what critics grabbed onto the most, although it didn't seem to come across quite as bad the second time I saw it.

I still loved the movie, and will be eager to see a third installment when one is made. I give Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen an A-.

The Proposal

Book editor Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is about to be deported to her home country of Canada, so she recruits her unwilling assistant, Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), into a marriage scheme to help keep an immigration official from deporting her. The plan takes a difficult turn for the two when they go to Alaska to help celebrate Andrew's grandmother's (Betty White) birthday, and have to convince his family that he's marrying the woman he hates.

This film has me confused. When Bullock and Reynolds were on the screen together they were fantastic and had great chemistry, but I found everything else to be just unfunny and not really all that entertaining. But it seems I'm in the minority of that opinion, because the primarily female audience I was with seemed to really enjoy it, and from what I've heard the reaction has been the same during other showings.

If you're a big fan of either star, go ahead and see a matinee, but if you're just a casual fan, I recommend you wait for it to come out on video. The Proposal gets a C.
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