I'm... just... gonna go hide in my own version of Star Wars and never come out again. *flees*
And the Obidalas, the Sabewans, etc. start crying in their beer ;).

I just wonder if Sateen will die from consumption.
I can't imagine Obiwan in a relationship with anyone!

Sateen sounds like a models names.
Too bad for the Obi-Wan lovers, George is involved in this. So it has to be considered canon. >:D Though to be realistic, we know the ending of this story in Revenge of the Sith. So Obi-Wan doesn't go on to have a relationship with this new found love. Instead he goes off into the desert and watches over Luke.

I think it'll probably be more flirting than anything else, because of the type of show this is. We know Obi-Wan is too dedicated to the Order to have a relationship. I do wonder if she'll be the one who breaks it off before it gets serious, or if he'll be the one to do so, or if she dies in an episode. Probably the latter. They said they were going to kill off characters, and even though they mentioned Jedi, it's logical that she'll get the ax too. They were going to kill off Panaka in the first season, but I guess they read about him becoming a Moff in the EU and decided that was a better fate for him. ;D Technically speaking, Ahsoka will probably get killed off at the end of the series too. I think at the end, only Anakin and Obi-Wan will be left, along with other recognizable characters that survive for RotS. Anyone who isn't critical to the story (like Ahsoka) will get the ax in some fashion. That includes Obi-Wan's new 'love interest'.

Sateen actually sounds pretty good, for a duchess' name. Star Wars has weird names. Windu? Skywalker? Solo? Don't even get me started about "Elan Sleazebaggano".