Regarding the Vanessa Hudgens drama

Normally I'd just let stuff like this slide, but it's gotten pretty funny, so I'll donate my two cents of useless commentary to the world.

Unless you've been to the beach or have been under a rock for the past week or two, you've heard that nude/topless cellphone pictures of High School Musical sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens were "leaked" to the internet, again. Some people have called this a ploy to create buzz for her new movie, Bandslam, a "charming" "music-driven" "romantic-comedy" with a PG-rating that comes out this weekend. What timing, right?

But here's the thing... which is more likely to put butts in the seats for this movie: those photos or the fact that a new trailer/preview for New Moon is attached to the film? If you choose the vampires and werewolves behind door #2, you win!

So if this was a promotional thing, obviously Vanessa and whoever "leaked" the photos weren't working with Summit Entertainment's PR people. I mean, c'mon, releasing private cellphone pictures of yourself isn't exactly the smartest way to promote your movie, right?

Enter Ashley Greene. For those of you not familiar with Ms. Greene, she plays vampiress Alice Cullen in the Twilight films. Sometime last weekend, nude (ie. more than topless) cellphone photos of her were "leaked" to the internet. Now, Twilight is to the point where it doesn't need more publicity, but c'mon girls! Phones were... well, Dane Cook can explain it better than I can.

As Dane was trying to say (even though FOX edited his comments out of the show), we were all thinking it, and somebody had to say it.

Sometimes DYI isn't exactly the best way to do things.
Why back in my day, a girl would just go pose for "Playboy" if she wanted attention. In the snow, uphill both ways.

These girls are trying to sell their sexuality for career advantage while portraying themselves as victims of some mysterious creep who seized "private" pictures and posted them on the internet. (Bonus points to Miss Greene's management by threatening to sue; it makes her look even more like a victim.) Funny how the perps are never caught or otherwise exposed.

What's particularly bad is that these girls inspire their young fans to do the same thing on their MySpaces and stuff. Except you don't have money and celebrity to protect you, nor are girls in real life part of a Hollywood culture that celebrates deviant behavior.
Why back in my day, a girl would just go pose for "Playboy" if she wanted attention. In the snow, uphill both ways.

Granted, she did Playboy much later in her career, but I could totally see Tiffany sending nude-pics to her NKOTB boys and having her cellphone hacked and the pics put on the 'net if this had all happened in the late 80s, early 90s. Guys would be panting for Debbie Gibson pics, too.

If we want to go further back, Farrah Fawcett pics would have been great back in the day, although I'm more of a Cheryl Ladd fan. :)

With all her problems, I wouldn't have been surprised if this would have been something Carrie Fisher would have wound up doing if there were picture-phones and the internet back in the Star Wars days.
Heh heh, too bad, right? More than anything else, this is a generational phenomenon. Not just because of the technology, but also because this is a generation raised to be narcissists. Not everybody is that way of course, but I can't help but notice all of these girls with "leaked" photos are under 25.
I am so sick of hearing about naked people on the internet. Surely there are enough naked people on the internet already?